‘American Girl’ came out with a new doll and it’s a BOY!

American Girl Dolls have been around for just over 30 years now and have come out with so many different dolls throughout the years. The female dolls catered to different cultures by making dolls that had a wide range of ethnicities, hair & skin color, and clothing & accessories. Now, after many requests, the American Girl company has come out with a male doll named Logan Everett!

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Along with every other American Girl doll, Logan has a background story to set the stage for his ‘life’. He is the drummer who performs with American Girl doll, Tenney Grant; she is a budding country western singer.

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Julia Parks, director of Public Relations at American Girl, told the Huffington Post, “Adding a boy to our lineup has been a number one request for a very, very, very long time.” And with that she isn’t wrong. People went to commenting on the article, “American Girl Will Release Its First Boy Doll And It’s Kind Of A Big Deal,” that the Huffington Post released and had a lot to say!

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Many people couldn’t believe long it’s taken the American Girl brand to come out with an ‘American Boy’ doll. Julia Parks was not making that up; people have been requesting male dolls for years now. But apparently that isn’t the only thing people have been asking of American Girl.


Even with the, already, wide range of skin tone, hair color, hair style, and heritage, people are still asking for more. Fans aren’t realizing that Logan is just the most recent push by Mattel to create more contemporary figures and stories for American Girl. (Mattel acquired American Girl in 1998 for $700 million.) The New York Times article, “American Girl’s New Doll: It’s a Boy!,” explains how they have been pushing their doll line to further diversify it in hopes of improving sales and improving customer satisfaction. With Logan being the first male doll with a back story that American Girl has produced, they need to see how their fan base takes it and then look at sales.

From looking at comments, it seems that fans are happy with the creation of Logan and are actually being greedy! But now that you’ve heard how people are feeling, what do you think of Logan? Is he a good addition to the doll collection? Are you happy with his character? Are you ready to see more male dolls?

All I can really say is, why aren’t there more tweets and comments like these:


Logan went on sale, February 16. You can buy him directly from the American Girl website.




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